So I didn’t get my ib diploma cause I needed one more point but I must say I’m pretty proud of myself considering the fact that I bs’d through it and got higher test scores than I expected.

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I hate when people think “oh she didn’t give you anything so why are you giving her something?” Cause tf I want to?? I don’t need to receive to give.

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I used to have a diverse group of acquaintances but now it seems like they’re all just asians.

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My last day of hs is today wow so freakin excited ahhhhh

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It really makes me feel like I got my shit together when I drive with a full tank of gas.

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I’m so worried about my IB exams especially IB Psych for my teacher didn’t know what to teach and relied heavily on teaching us like he taught AP but it’s completely different because IB exams is all written and you have to add research to your answers and I don’t know many so the next 2 days will consist of heavy Psychology research and studying.

Wish me luck and hopefully I make it out alive.

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